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Insurance & TPA

VS Hospitals provides patients with all the necessary details for streamlining the insurance process. We aim to make the process from admission to discharge smooth,we have tied-up with various insurance agencies.

Guidelines for Patients covered under insurance:

  • Patients covered under insurance scheme should produce their identification number and identity card/ TPA card at the time of admission.
  • Patient is expected to inform the total authorized limits he/ she have been offered by Insurance Company.
  • Room eligibility will be informed as per the patient's insurance limits and rules of Insurance Company.
  • Patient / Relative has to sign the consent form accepting the responsibility of settling hospital bill in case of any denial or less sanction of payment from Insurance Company.
  • Patient is entitled to get admitted in the hospital after receiving the pre authorization letter from Insurance Company or TPA (in cases of planned hospitalization). But, for Emergency cases, patient can be admitted immediately wherein processing of all documents should be done after admission and pre authorization sanction should be obtained at the earliest.
  • At the time of admission patient/ relative shall be required to make a cash deposit depending on the severity of procedure which would be procured for the non-medical expenses and shall be refunded post discharge, subject to completion of billing formalities and payment received from TPA.
  • In case of non approval from insurance company for planned cases, 80% of the total cost has to be paid by the patient in advance by cash or cheque which will be refundable once the approval is received.
  • Procedure for approval would be done only by personnel at insurance desk.
  • Consent form has to be signed by patient and submitted to Insurance Desk.
  • Patient is entitled for discharge only after receiving the final approval from the Insurance Company or TPA and after making payment towards settlement of the final bill.
  • For patients with planned surgeries, in case exhaustion of sum insured, as confirmed by TPA prior to admission, remaining amount has to be paid by the patient on admission itself.
  • For emergency cases, interim bills will be provided once the insurance limit exhausts and payment for the same has to be done by the patient during hospitalization period itself.
  • Payments through cheque will not be accepted on the day of discharge.
  • In case of any further queries and information, kindly contact us at 044-46008000 or mail us at care@vshospitals.com
  • For any queries, please mail to insurance@vshospitals.com and also mention Advanced Cancer Care 044-42001000 / CAS - 044-46008000

Corporate Patients:

  • Patients covered under this scheme, have to submit the memo from concerned company or authorization letter along with his identity before OPD Consultation and admission.
  • Patients covered under this scheme, should know their limit. Billing amount above this limit will be paid by patient at the time of discharge.
  • Hospital management keeps right to admit the patient under any doctor unless & until it is specified.

About your Bill:

  • On the day of admission, patient will be charged for the day irrespective of time of admission.
  • Discharged patients should vacate the room before 4:00 pm on the same day, otherwise they shall be charged for that day.
  • Interim bills will be forwarded to patients from time to time. After receipt of the interim bills, patients are supposed to pay the bill within 24 hours.
  • Payments shall be made by cash or by demand draft or by credit card, subject to approval & clearance of the issuing branch. Refunds if any shall be made by cheque payment only.
  • During the hospital stay, if a patient has not paid the required deposit, Management reserves the right of transferring patient to lower class.
  • Complimentary Breakfast is provided by Trust. The Trust reserves the right to discontinue this facility.
  • In case of special nursing care requirement, a patient has to obtain permission from the management for the same.
  • Patient shall be charged at the rate applicable to the highest category of occupancy during his entire stay in the Hospital irrespective of the tenure of dual occupancy.
  • Patient shall be admitted in the same category / class before & after the operation. Failing to do so, he will be levied operative and other respective fees as applicable to the highest category, he has used.
  • Patient admitted in any class & subsequently transferred to Intensive care unit for medical reason, will be charged for operative fees at the rate applicable to original admission class. But bed charges & other charges will be as per the intensive care unit from the date of transfer.
  • Patient after transfer from one class to other class including ICU should vacate original bed or room, after transfer. Failing which extra bed/room charges shall be levied.
  • Any loss or damage to hospital property by fault, negligence or otherwise by the patient, his relatives or associates will be charged to patient's bill.
  • Hospital management is not responsible for any loss or theft of valuables (Money, ornaments, mobile etc) belonging to patients. Patient's relatives are instructed not to bring any valuables with them at the time of admission or during their stay in the hospital.